The secret to beautiful and functional everyday life lies in expertly designed details

Designed to reflect the unique nature and characteristics of the North, Finnlamelli log homes set a new standard for enjoyable living. While mysterious and even peculiar, they contain an endless stream of captivating stories, providing new dimensions of enjoyment for each and every day. No wonder they are already found all over the world.

Mona’s eco-friendly log home

Mona wanted an eco-friendly and harmonious log home with a warm feel. She wanted her home to combine Finnish log home skills with delicate Japanese aesthetics. After a long process, the end result was even better than she had imagined.

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The Relanders’ modern log home was built on the shore of Lake Saimaa in Lakeland Finland

The Relanders’ log home with healthy indoor air was built in a hilltop location with fantastic views over the land of a thousand lakes. Finnlamelli delivered a dream log home to the Relanders, who wanted a single-storey pentroofed home with a clear-cut, minimalist style.

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Each and every Finnlamelli log home is designed to reflect the owner’s personality and suit their tastes in the best possible way. We create aesthetic and functional solutions that fulfil your every need.