The Relanders’ log home with healthy indoor air was built in a hilltop location with fantastic views over the land of a thousand lakes. Finnlamelli delivered a dream log home to the Relanders, who wanted a single-storey pentroofed home with a clear-cut, minimalist style.

The Relanders’ modern log home was built on the shore of Lake Saimaa in Lakeland Finland

The colour scheme was clear from the outset: a stylish pure black with a red roof to add a cheery finishing touch. The open and communal living space provides breath-taking views over the waters of Lake Saimaa.

“Right at the very beginning we told the Finnlamelli representative that we wanted the heart of our home to be an open-plan kitchen-dining-living area, around which everything else would be built. The space is everything we had imagined. The lakeland scenery floods in through the huge, floor-to-ceiling windows, and it is just as important an interior design element as the design furniture we so carefully chose,” say the Relanders.

“Our interior design is built around black, white and greyscale tones. They are a great stylish base on which to build as you like. You can change up the look with coloured cushion covers, for example.”

The couple wanted a stylishly minimalist kitchen, with a handy kitchen island and plenty of space to work. “We wanted our kitchen to be a cool contrast to the warm atmosphere of a log home,” say the Relanders. The glossy white doors on the kitchen fittings highlight the clean and minimalist Nordic style.

The black-and-white colour scheme carries through to the stylish sauna and bathroom.