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Log houses

A high-quality Finnlamelli log home means decades – even centuries – of healthy, worry-free living.

There’s no place like a log home

Every Finnlamelli log home features something special – something mysterious and captivating. In other words, something truly Nordic.

Thanks to their special construction, the Finnlamelli logs possess exceptional strength and durability that can survive even the toughest situations. However, they are as breathable as logs can ever get, thus providing the perfect framework for a healthy, balanced life.

You can select one of our design examples and spice it up with your own ideas or discuss the opportunities with your nearest Finnlamelli representative. We are at your service to make your dream come true.

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A log home is a home with a light environmental footprint. As wood binds carbon dioxide from the air, it significantly contributes to cleaner air and a healthier living environment. A balanced life is a matter of a wide variety of details, affecting both body and soul. Knowing that a log home can contribute to a brighter future for the next generations is one of them.

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Some may even say stubborn – the main point being, we know what a good log home should be able to withstand, and we aim to exceed those expectations. The durability of Finnish logs has been tested in our forests where seasons, temperatures and conditions change dramatically during a year. Our revolutionary log structure enables us to be bold in our promise, certain of our ability to deliver.

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Aren’t we all, at some point in our lives, looking for a way of living where we can find ourselves at peace with everything around us? A place where we can be happy with the world, knowing that the world feels the same about us. A hideout from the buzz of the world, a place where everything just seems to click together. Indeed, home is where you’re happy. To be a bit more specific, a log home is where you’re happy.

30 years of experience in log house construction

We have years of experience in lamina timber. Our experience affords us unique competence, providing a solid foundation for building log houses from start to finish.

Finnlamelli was established in 1995 in Alajärvi, Finland, and our very own and modern log house factory is still located there.

Our competence accumulated in the span of nearly 30 years is culminated in our lamina logs made from Finnish timber, its exceptional quality as well as serving our customers around the world. Our log houses have been exported from Finland ever since our company was first established. Thus, you can trust in that your new log house will be of the highest quality, wherever you may live.

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Dozens of house models, thousands of customisation options

Start with our customisable log house collection and let your imagination do the rest. Design your future home together with a Finnlamelli representative.

Design a log house that is unique to you


Floor plan

Flip the floor plan to mirror the original, adjust the number, size and placing of the rooms or raise the ceiling and room height.

Exterior wall and structures

Adjust the size and number of windows. Doors, corner solutions, porches, staircases, bay windows and balconies add a personal touch and flavour to your home – and there are tons of colour options.

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Fixtures and surface materials

Design the tiles, floors, paints and other colour options for your home by yourself or with a professional of your choosing.

Order a Finnlamelli catalogue

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