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“So great, it’ll leave you speechless”.

Jani Kohtala had always dreamed of a log home and decided to build one with his partner in the Vaasa region. Now, Jani and his partner have a home that makes them proud.

Jani has lived on his plot since 2013. Moving into the small cottage on the land was meant to be temporary. Jani planned to quickly build a house on the approximately two-hectare plot by the sea. After a well-executed renovation, however, Jani decided to focus on other things for a while.

A couple of years living with his partner and a dog made the need for a larger home more acute, and the couple decided to use log – making Jani’s long-lasting dream come true.

“I had always wanted to live in a log home and dreamed of a house built of round logs. However, it wouldn’t have been a viable option in our region, which is why we decided to build our house using non-settling log,” says Jani.

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Large windows make the seasons part of the decor

When designing their home and choosing a building partner, the couple listened to Jani’s father-in-law who had already purchased four houses from Finnlamelli. His positive experiences convinced Jani and his partner to turn to Finnlamelli.

“We started discussing our house project with Finnlamelli, and their overall concept seemed the clearest in terms of what they would deliver, what the next steps would be, how the project would be scheduled and so on.”

“Even though we couldn’t find the perfect home for us in their catalogue, the salesperson at Finnlamelli gave us free reign to design a house that felt right for us,” says Jani.

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Finnlamelli hirsitalo ruokailuhuone Vaasa

Of course, the plans saw some changes over the course of the project. During the six-month design process, the original idea of a garage floor with two residential floors transformed into a one-storey, L-shaped house with a garage and a carport in one of the wings. The Finnlamelli salesperson also offered valuable input for the design.

In other respects, Jani and his partner aimed to design their home to fit the space, of which their seaside plot has in abundance. As they decided to build their new home about 20 metres from the seashore, they opted to have large window surfaces facing the sea. This also meant a larger room height. The plans also included a couple of guest rooms as Jani and his partner like to invite guests from near and far.

“Once we saw the drawings, we immediately fell in love with them and the design of the house. Our completed living room now makes us feel as if we’re outdoors. Even the interior designer commented that there’s no need to decorate the place as the decor is out there and it even changes on its own four times a year,” laughs Jani.

A favourite material

Due to his background, Jani wanted to build the interiors of his home on his own. Once Finnlamelli had done their part, Jani continued working on the interiors according to his own schedule.

Used to living in post-war wooden houses, Jani found a log house completely different. However, Jani was already familiar with log as a material and had a strong sense of why log was his first choice.

“Generally speaking, wood is one of my favourite materials. In log construction, I’m fascinated by the simplicity of it all. Once your walls are up, the surfaces are basically completed. I appreciate that kind of quick efficiency. Moreover, log retains its great properties for years without major renovation needs and there’s no need to replace any weatherboarding, for example. Of course, the breathable and humidity-balancing qualities of a log structure also played a role in our decision,” says Jani.

Finnlamelli hirsitalo tumma sauna

“Sauna is always a plus”

Jani, his partner and their dog moved into their new log home in May 2020. When sitting in his completed home, Jani cannot think of anything negative to say about the home or the cooperation with Finnlamelli. Jani feels like the home is simply perfect for his family.

“We were probably very difficult customers; at first, we weren’t happy with anything and nothing worked for us. However, we were able to find the right solutions for us and the cooperation was extremely efficient. Finlamelli did everything exactly as planned and agreed. All in all, it’s difficult to put into words the feeling I get in this home. We love coming home and sometimes wish we never had to leave. The best thing about it is that it is just right for us – and a sauna is always a plus,” laughs Jani.

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