A high-quality Finnlamelli log home means decades – even centuries – of healthy, worry-free living.

On top of that comes the personal look and feel that only genuinely natural materials are able to create. When you choose Finnlamelli, you also choose utmost reliability and responsibility to handle every stage of the process precisely by the book.

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When it comes to features and technical capabilities – that’s when Finnlamelli really shows its true colours. The durability of Finnish logs has been tested in our forests where seasons, temperatures and conditions change dramatically during the year.

There’s no place like home

Every Finnlamelli log home features something special – something mysterious and captivating. In other words, something truly Nordic.

Thanks to their special construction, the Finnlamelli logs possess exceptional strength and durability that can survive even the toughest situations. However, they are as breathable as logs can ever get, thus providing the perfect framework for a healthy, balanced life.

You can select one of our design examples and spice it up with your own ideas or discuss the opportunities with your nearest Finnlamelli representative. We are at your service to make your dream come true.